Symposium & Workshop on Advanced Sample Preparation for
Microscopy in Material Science

Registration requests on a first-come, first-served basis.


Symposium & Workshop on Advanced Sample Preparation for Microscopy in Material Science
29-30th October 2019

The Symposium will consist of lectures with invited speakers, various sample preparation & microscopy systems presentations and a practical workshop sessions. The aim of this event is to expose to the microscopy community tremendous and exciting progress made in the field of sample preparation and microscopy dedicated for the material science over the last years. During two days of Symposium, the leading companies specializing in material science will present their newest developments and most innovative solutions.

In this Symposium the newest applications and achievements from the field of microscopy for materials science will be presented and discussed.

Participants will have opportunity to test the newest solutions during the hands-on workshop sessions. Complete workflow of instruments dedicated for sample preparation will be presented:

1. Ultramicrotome equipped with Cryo-chamber Leica EM UC7 /FC7 and knife maker Leica EM KMR2
2. Ion polisher system: Leica EM TIC 3X
3. Multipurpose mechanical sample preparation unit: – Leica EM TXP
4. Complete metalographical sample preparation line Lam Plan: precice / metalographical cutting machine, mounting device and polisher.
5. High- and low- vacuum coaters dedicated for conductive layers – Leica EM ACE 200, Leica EM ACE 600 and critical point dryer Leica EM CPD 300
6. Laser cutting device – 3D Micromac: MicroPREP
7. Plasma cleaner: IBSS: Chiaro / GVx10
8. Light microscopes Leica Microsystems: metalographical and stereo.
9. Atomic force microscope: Nanosurf: Core
10. Scaning electron microscopes Thermo Fisher Scientific: Phenom ProX and Phenom XL
11. Scaning electron microscope dedicated for technical cleanliness analysis, according to the VDA 19 and ISO 16232 standards – Thermo Fisher Scientific: Phenom Particle X
12. Transmision electron microscope: Delong Instruments: LVEM 5 and nanoparticles anlyzer using a DLS technique: Cordouan Technologies: Vasco KIN TM

All sample preparation results will be visualized with SEM, HR-SEM, TEM and Light Microscopes.
The participation in the symposium and workshop requires registration and paying participant fee.
Participant fee: 500 PLN (includes 1 night accommodation, breakfasts, lunches & Symposium dinner)

The following companies confirmed their participation in the workshop:
Leica Microsystems, Thermo Fisher Scientific,Lam Plan, 3D-Micromac, IBSS, Protochips and Nanosurf.


PIK Instruments




29th October 2019
10:00 Registration Desk Open
Openning Session:

  • welcome greetings and introduction
  • overview of the conference theme
12:00 Workshop #1
12:45 Workshop #2
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Workshop #3
15:15 Workshop #4
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Workshop #5
17:15 Workshop #6
18:00 End of workshops
19:30 Dinner
30th October 2019
09:00 Morning session
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Workshop #7
12:15 Workshop #8
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Workshop #9
14:45 Workshop #10
15:30  Coffee break
16:00 Workshop #11
16:45 Workshop #12
17:30 Closing session


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